The What Would We Do podcast is broadcast out of Sunny Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Each episode is a discussion between a marketing expert and a business development expert around a specific niche or business sector.
We Aim To Inspire New Ideas.
Strategy today is vital to equip your business with the best angles and tools to maximise sales.

What Would You Do is the product of a collaboration between David Twigg and Chris Bugden.

Each episode will be the result of painstaking research, plenty of brainstorming and plenty of thinking outside the box. it may come across as a casual chat between 2 mates but behind the scenes it is the result of many hours of work.
We hope you enjoy it and find inspiration in the ideas that are explored.
David and Chris are very busy but are always keen to consult to companies who want to raise their game.
If that's you click here to get in touch.
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